Posted on September 7, 2014

The Shadow Hero: Add this new book to your comic collection

The Shadow Hero  By Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew

It is hard to find superhero books that affirm the identity of young readers of color.  Many of the popular superheroes continue to uplift white men as the one who saves the city.  It is especially rare to find Asian-American characters within superhero comics.  This new book, The Shadow Hero is based off of what was to be believed as the first Asian-American superhero, the Green Turtle.  Little is known of the Green Turtle’s origins from the 1940′s comic series.  This comic shares the origin story of Green Turtle, created by the brilliant Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew.

Hank Chu is the son of a grocer in Chinatown.  He imagines himself living a simple life running the family business, while his spunky mother envisions a future much different for her son.  She wants him to be a superhero.  She sews him a costume and plots ways for him to gain powers and become the superhero she imagined.  Hank, through trial and error figures out what being the Green Turtle will mean for himself and others.  The story has some similar elements of a superhero storyline.  At the same time, it explores the life of being Chinese-American in the 1930′s, interweaving history, race, and identity within this narrative, while providing many opportunities to laugh.  It is a fun book for young teens, comic lovers, and superhero fanatics.  If you are looking for ways to get back into reading for yourself or your teen, check out the graphic novel collection.  They are engaging, artful, and pure fun!


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